Youth Salon TAKEOVER in 3LHD

10. May 2024

Our office is part of the exhibition space for Youth Salon TAKEOVER - a small festival of contemporary art in business premises. The work presented in our office is the work of the artistic duo Andrej Beštak and Anja Leko entitled "You promised me eternity". 
Andrej Beštak and Anja Leko are an artistic duo who, using a combination of audiovisual techniques, create emotional, bizarre and fantastic environments. These are environments that carry stories, one of which is located in 3LHD @Urania. The atrium of the office is occupied by sculptural installations made of ceramics, metal and plastic – meditative sanctuaries dedicated to hybrid goddesses. 
The presentation of the artistic intervention and the conversation with the artists will take place on May 16 at 4:00 p.m. at 3LHD @Urania. Mandatory applications to: